Journal of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University is an international journal aiming to promote and distribute knowledge in the areas of human rights, conflicts and peace studies.

Objectives: With the world witnessing continuing conflicts, violence, and growing constraints for millions of people to enjoy their right to life with dignity, promoting peace and human rights has become an urgent agenda of our time.  For many scholars and practitioners working in the fields of human rights and/or peace, the common goal of the two disciplines to bring about justice seems obvious.  For some others however, the link between peace and human rights may neither be easily articulated nor their relationship seen as a straightforward one. 

We invite scholars, activists, practitioners and students from human rights and peace studies and other relevant fields including but not limited to anthropology, sociology, political science, legal studies, education and cultural studies to contribute to the Journal of Human Rights and Peace Studies, which will be published bi-annually by the Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University.  Empirical and theoretical research articles discussing the common goals and competing agenda of peace and human rights from different angles and contexts are welcomed.